Mixing & Mastering Teacher


Andy Filimon

Mixing & Mastering Engineer / Music Producer / Teacher / DJ

Music Production "From A to Z" course

Andy is the driving force behind Limonia School, which he has passionately grown into a premier destination for music production education. His journey, marked by dedication and innovation, has made the school a beacon for aspiring music producers.
With a rich background as a sound, mixing, and mastering engineer, along with his prolific work as a music producer, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to Limonia School. His expertise is not just limited to creating music; Andy is deeply involved in the educational facets of music production. He's at the forefront of shaping our educational programs, working alongside a talented team of artists and teachers. This collaborative spirit ensures our courses are not only cutting-edge but also deeply rooted in industry practices.
Andy’s commitment goes beyond teaching. He’s a connector in the music world, bringing together leading artists to inspire and educate our students. This unique ecosystem fosters an environment where creativity meets mastery, offering unparalleled learning opportunities.
At the core of Andy's mission is a dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a community where everyone, from novices to seasoned professionals, can explore and grow their musical prowess. Under his guidance, Limonia School is setting new standards in music production education, blending traditional techniques with innovative methods to equip students with the skills they need in today's dynamic music industry.

OREAA by Andy Filimon & Lenaa

Andy Filimon - Saathiya